Big things with little cars

Hit up a local supermarket on my lunch break, in the vain hope of finding the MBX Best of World series….came up empty, but picked up a couple Broncos there that I’ve had my eye on for awhile…the HW Zoolander silver Bronco, and the Daredevil Bronco. Both are pretty nice, the Daredevil one is just fun, but the Zoolander bronco is really nicely detailed. I do find it funny that they have different bases and obviously different bodies for essentially the same vehicle, but considering they make 84 billion versions of the same year of Mustangs and Camaros….


Then I still had a bit of time to kill, so I hit up another supermarket on the way back that doesn’t typically sell diecasts, except for one of those standing dump bins of HWs that are about a foot deep, and they’ve had the same bin since the summer. It had the case that the red Supras and the yellow Datsun 510 Wagons came in, and I got the bug to detampo a red supra…so I stopped by hoping there still might be one there. Sure enough, same exact dump bin, maybe 40 ragged cars left. I’ve been through this bin a few times since the summer. As I’m walking down the freezer aisle towards it, I can see the supra…and I think ‘score…”


Then as I got closer, I could see it wasn’t quite what I was looking for, it was better….the TH version. Never found one in the wild, and again, been through the bin a bit before…and the card wasn’t nearly as crumpled as the other remainders in it. So…I is happy.


Then I get back to my office, get my mail…and mail hawl. I collect (among other things) Matchbox National Parks/Forest Service series cars, and my collection is nearly complete, except for the pretty much unobtainable National Parks Silverado 4x4. The only other one I was missing was the Forest Service Defender 110. Been on the hunt for one for almost a year….and last week two popped up from the same seller. Snagged both of them as one was a bit customized, and the prices weren’t silly. The non custom one is a bit dinged up, but considering their scarcity I’m not complaining much.

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