So here’s what’s up for today. #Tripleporschetuesday. So 911 Carrera Hotwheels and Siku. Then Porsche 911 Spyder. By Hotwheels. Let’s get it on!

Porsche 911 Spyder by Hotwheels.

Cherry Red Porsche 911 Spyder. By Hotwheels. Very detailed front. Good quality of the Front Windshield. 5 Spoke wheels. Detailed Logo and Lights. Looks like its lowered. 😝😜..



Porsche 911 By Hotwheels

Sorry for the Wheels 😝. faded wheels aswell. Gold shade. Love the Tampos. Detailed Logo and Lights aswell. And neeeds more low.


911 Carrera By Siku.


It’s a custom. Flat black shade, lost its tires. So made new tires using pen rubbers. , Pen Rubbers FTW! 😁 Love the Light Buckets. What i hate about it its in a different scale. 1/55 to be exact. So alot bigger than Hw/matchboxes. Openable Doors. Aswell.

So Thats it for #TripleTuesday. Sorry i ddint have any posts lateley. A bit busy. So thats it with theese porsches. Thanks guys! @darvz_customs