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Trolling pays off HAWL

After work, I again stopped by the Walmart I have been trolling for the past two weeks and it finally paid off.

Well, sort of. They got the E case in and finally put it out. The only Mustang they had was the Custom 12 Mustang in yellow which I figure I will be able to find later. But they did have lots of other goodies including Porsches and Art Cars and these:


Number five in the series of Treasure Hunts! Nice to once again see a realistic car as a TH. And finding three is a pretty good score. But where the trolling really paid off was this:

A $uper Treasure Hunt Porsche!!! I would consider this a great score as I am a fan of 911s and it’s Broncos colors! But. This car is a bit disappointing in that the difference in color is so slight, it’s difficult to tell the difference. Sure, the regular is Metalflake Dark Blue and the $TH is Spectraflame Dark Blue, but it is really hard to differentiate them. The card art is not very different either. A quick edition of LPaG. Guess which car is the $TH


Good luck!

Honestly, it’s not like the Hudson Hornet that is easy to tell apart from its mainline version. Take a look.


And this is how it really is with most of the $TH cars and trucks I’ve seen. The one that closest resembles the 911 is probably the last Superbird. But even that had Treasure Hunt Racing down the side. Still, I’m glad I have it and I can say I’ve found a $uper in the wild, truly!


Thanks for looking and good trolling, er, hunting!

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