Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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TRU Best of MBX Scam

I had mentioned a couple of times that I wouldn’t buy the MBX Best of Dodge A100 pickup until their prices came down to a reasonable altitude.
I thought they had, based on the $2.99 prices on the pegs.
I bought the pickup last Friday and didn’t check my receipt until I got home, because I was talking to the cute checkout girl. My mistake, I looked at it at home, and it said $4.49! Back in the car, back to TRU!

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I went to the customer service counter and said they had the price wrong and I wanted a refund. Right off the bat, the snotty little manager said she doubted it, and went to check. After 5 minutes I went to find her...she was standing there staring at the Hot Wheels! I showed her where they were at the other end of the aisle, pointing out the $2.99 price, She looked all over to try and find something marked so as to prove me wrong, but couldn’t find anything and I finally received my price adjustment. I was told they would fix it.
I went back there yesterday and this is how they fixed it:

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They put up a new price marker with the wrong price!! The two pegs on the top had the correct price, but the bottom showed the wrong price, the one I had been charged last week!
Being the conscientious consumer that I am, I went back up front and told the same snotty little manager that they still had it wrong. She told me I was wrong, just flat out wrong. I asked her to come look at it, and she refused. I told her I had taken pictures of it this time and was no stranger to writing letters to corporate. In a huff, she stomped off to the diecast aisle. I pointed out the different prices and she practically yelled that they were obviously different items! I pointed out the same SKU numbers on all the prices, and she all but had a fit and said she’d take care of it and almost ran into the back room.
I went by today, only because I was at another store in the area and they still didn’t fix it. I took the $4.49 price off the peg and one of the $2.99 prices. I’ll be writing that letter and sending them the photos and the prices.
I know they’re having a hard time at TRU, but this isn’t the way to close the deficit.
Check your receipts folks!

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