TRU drama, and expensive Rite Aid Hot wheels.

Not even an hour ago I stopped into Toys R Us for a minute to check if they had JL’s yet. I swiftly mazed my way to the (only department that really matters) and gave it a look. I ran into an employee almost immediately, and asked him if he knew when they were getting any new shipments in on any JL’s or Greenlight’s. And the kid replied “I don’t know, and I really don’t care. You Hot Wheels losers need to find a new hobby” unfortunately I can’t type what i said to him, due to copious amounts of bad language. I just think it’s funny these pip Squeak’s can hold a job. I’m still in my early 20's, but I can’t recall a single time I got ignorant at a job like that. I know I would of gotten a blue collar kickin from a boss. I guess times have changed. But anyway I found a NASCAR Authentics Dale Jr Coke Zero 400 winning car.

I know most of everybody on here isn’t a Nascar fan, so I won’t choke you all with insane amounts of NASCAR posts. But if some of you are interested, its seems TRU has been putting out The Wave 2 collection finally. So grab them up fast!


I have always been a sucker for the race winning confetti on Castings.

But anyway, on to Rite Aid. The store by my house has been going down hill like crazy, over the last few years. Tonight I walked through the doors and it smelled like raw human waste. Not being surprised, I walked to the only aisle that matters. And I finally found a 180 in the wild. Dusty and expensive ....but I found one.


At a dollar seventy five i would usually say kiss this, but I needed it . so don’t get to hopeful walking into one any time soon. Everything was dusty and over priced.


Thank you for the read!

90's Casualty

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