Big things with little cars

So I decided to make a quick trip to TRU over lunch. First thing I saw was new 5 Packs galore. I was able to pick up the exact pack I’ve been looking for with the new yellow R32. It’s been raining R32s for me lately after not finding anything outside outrageous eBay listings. Got the Nightburnerz set, left the Trucks.

Next up are new mega packs. Some cool stuff, but too much for me.


I had to snag this cool GL Boss 302

And wasn’t someone here looking for this blue GL Shasta set?? I left it behind but I can go back if someone needs it.


Last but not least, an employee saw me browsing pegs and said they just dumped a case 15 minutes earlier in a different spot. “She just put it out, so I doubt anyone has been through it.” Well someone obviously had, as there was one remaining GT and zero Skylines. An inside job? Who knows, but I walked away with these from what was N and P case. All are trade bait minus the 180sx.


Thanks for looking.

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