Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Illustration for article titled TRU HAWL: E Case!

I went to Toys R Us on my lunch break today and found the remains of an E case! As I was walking towards the HW aisle, I saw a guy walking away with a big stack of cars in his hands, so I’m assuming he got the the other green GT3 RS, the Tooligan TH, and the $uper of there was one.


Either way, I’m just stoked to finally have a Signal Green RS since my custom one hasn’t been painted yet. Plus, the always awesome Surf Crate (non-$TH), Model X, and 1199 Panigale!!!! Oh, and the Ford Truck to match my most recent build in Forza Horizon 3, lol. Anyways, go check your local TRU ASAP!!!!

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