...and I keep on buying. And that’s fine with me, because these are models that I’ve always wanted but never thought I could find. First, a couple of Black Bandits shown above. They’re from Series 13, which is one of the best sets in recent memory IMO. It’s got those two, plus I believe a black VW bus, the Silverado that I’ve shown before, and an old Dodge truck of some sort. All of them worthy of getting, but I took the two I wanted most.

I couldn’t care less for VW’s but I couldn’t pass up that van in the dark green/lime green color combo. There must have been at least five different VW buses at TRU last night, spanning multiple series. Basically a VW lover’s dream. The BTTF was a surprise find. Don’t care for BTTF but hey, why not?

Lastly, a couple of grabs from Walmart. Feels like it’s been forever since I’ve purchased any AW, because their releases are so damn slow. I now have the white Boss 302 (one of my favorite Mustang iterations) to go along with the red. I couldn’t pass up the Olds in the simple, yet classy, black with redlines.


It’s funny because all along, I’ve griped about how my local TRU sucks and never stocks anything. Ever since the start of 2016, it’s been find after find after find. Those of you looking for premium diecast, check your local TRU’s!