Never fails. I will occasionally hit this one Wallies that is waaaay out of my neighborhood and always come out with treasure. Last night I stumbled across some fresh unopened boxes waiting to be stocked. So what does any good diecast collector do? We open the boxes to see what’s inside. I was so hoping for the Gulf series or DSD series to snag that ‘66 Nova. Nope. Not this time. Long story short, I opened at least 5 boxes of the F&F set, 3 boxes of the MBX Truck series and about 3 boxes of the HW’s Truck series. I’m not a huge fan of the F&F set so needless to say, I had fun hanging everything I opened. Now, I couldn’t pass up a few of the truck series as I’m a big fan of the Ford trucks. Funny, though, every Ford I’ve owned, the transmission konked out on me under 100K miles. If anybody needs anything from these sets, let me know and I’ll swing by this afternoon and pick up whatever you need. LaLD pricing + shipping.

On to the pictures:


I’m pretty sure the Dodge has a plastic base...doesn’t feel as heavy as the one released in the Mopar series. Bummed...

Enjoy your Saturday!!