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Truck Thursday, old Ford edition.

For Truck Thursday I present a worn out old Ford pickup custom I made. This was a repaint & wheel swap, but I had a lot of fun with priming it in rusty brown, then painting the green over it just so I could sand back the green and have “worn out” paint.


This was my first experiment with this techniques, and I think it came out well. The hardest part is not sanding through on edges. The spots where I did were touched up with more rust paint.

The Matchbox wheels required widening the axles, so I got to try the 1/16" brass tube method that was posted here, which turned out really well and beats the hell out of hacking up the chassis and having the wheels sunk too far in.


The cap was painted silver, but there is only so much you can do with a badly molded hunk of plastic. More detail on the cap would have gone a long way here.


Obligatory comparison shot. I didn’t notice the gap above the grille until the glue had dried, I’m guessing the brass tube is keeping everything for seating properly.

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