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Truck Tuesday, Redone Hi-Tail Hauler edition

Having picked up a sad & worn Hot Wheels ‘56 Hi-Tail Hauler, I decided to re-do it into a simple custom truck of the sort you’d almost expect to see with a bed full of vintage Scrambler bikes.


As the chrome was completely done, I stripped everything and painted the body satin black, and the bumpers & grill Wimbledon White.

The interior & bikes in the bed received a lot of careful detailing, and a set of simple modern Hot Wheels mags were fitted.


While I tried to restore the windshield with floor polish, it was too hazed to have much effect.


All in all this came out really nice for minimal effort. And I got to save one of my favorite casts from when I was a kid.


For comparison, this is what I started with.

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