The Steering Rigs cabs were used a few more times from ‘89 -‘92. The first of these released in 1989 as part of the Hot Wheels Micro Color Racers line. These carded rigs were called the Color Racers Big Riggers, they had a color Changing cab, a white auto hauler trailer, and came with two micro cars included (micro Ferrari and Porche not pictured).

Kenworth Big Rigger.

There are four Color Racers Big Riggers, Kenworth Orange or Pink cabs and GMC Orange or Red cabs.

GMC Big Rigger.

In 1991 Hot Wheels released the boxed Bigfoot Monster Rig as part of the Bigfoot Champions line. A Ford LTL with a construction type flatbed trailer. It came with a Bigfoot Monster Truck with removable wheels.


Ford LTL Bigfoot Monster Rig.

The Mini Bigfoot Deluxe Arena set from 1992, came with two Ford LTL Bigfoot Monster Rig Haulers and two moster trucks. One Bigfoot Monster Truck and one Snake Bite Monster Truck. These sets are very difficult to find, so as a loose collector I just put together a exact replica Snake Bite rig using a extra Bigfoot Hauler my brother bought me, and a carded Snake Bite Monster Truck.


Ford LTL Bigfoot Monster Rigs Snake Bite Hauler.

A promo for Auto Palace Auto Parts stores was released in 1992. The boxed Auto Palace Big Rigs was a Ford LTL with an Auto Palace Monster Truck.


Ford LTL Auto Palace Big Rigs.

That was the end of the Steering Rigs cabs, but is not the end of my collection of Tractor Trailer Rigs, also released during my favorite years ‘74-‘94 was two other awesome rigs.


The first released in 1974 was the Road King Truck. This Kenworth cab with side dumping trailer was only available in the Mountain Mining set.


Road King Truck (repo trailer).

The last rig in my collection is the 1990 Big Rigger Stunt Show set. This Kenworth T 600A has a trailer that opens up into a stunt jump track for the micro ‘57 Chevy that was included.


Big Rigger Stunt Show Rig.

Hope you all enjoyed seeing my collection of tractor trailer rigs it took me four and a half years to complete my 25 rig collection.