Today is my birthday, so I figured now is the best day to show you what I bought myself. I had planned on keeping maybe a bit over half of it, but once I got my grubby hands on it ... well, most of its sticking around ... aaaaand I may just go buy some more of it :)

It’s not all trucks by any means, there’s a lot of great cars, but for me the trucks stole the show. This was an EPIC haul! I’m going to let the pictures do the talking now.

An elephant? Yep, that’s an elephant.


Fantastic selection of freebies! Including five fabulous Squarebody Chevy’s!
Awesome crew cab dually casting!!! YUS!!!!!


You’ll see many of these in more detail in the weeks to come. Next week I’ll be featuring some big rig DLM action :)

Thanks again to Fintail for doing what must have been a tremendous amount of work for not a ton of money. I really appreciate the opportunity to own all these amazing toys at an incredibly reasonable price!