Big things with little cars

A special interrupted review.

Recently, our friend Vdubyajohn posted a question about realistic flatbed haulers.


Many had suggested the Nissan Atlas Safety Loader from TLV that sold like hot cakes when it was first released early last year. So I found this is the perfect time to slip in a bonus review to help out.

I typically talk about a certain vehicles history and significance when I do these reviews. But today I’m scrapping all of that and just concentrate on the diecast at hand.


First the size, the cab and overall chassis of the Atlas is compact compare to the flatbeds we know like the International Durastar (which GL made many recolors of). Which means it blends in better with other passenger cars where as the Durastar sit sky high like a semi.

For the realistic department, its always top score when it comes to TLV. Rubber tires and Pop-in plastic for the headlights just like diecasts by GL but with badge/emblem tampos printed crystal clear which for GL is kind of a mix bag. And of course, the party piece. The fully functional flatbed. The flatbed featuring little wheel stoppers painted in bright yellow and all the mechanics underneath are all diecast metal with the foldable ramp in plastic.


The flatbed slides and tilts and can be lowered more than I expected which means no problem for close to the ground exotics.


The 40 some bucks asking price I paid for is a little high and make this the most expensive diecast I purchased on my vacation but I find the value extremely worth it. The secret is this was one of the top items on my list to scavenge on my vacation and I was ecstatic when I discovered it without paying delivery fees and no waiting.


In the meantime, I’ll be having fun playing with this little flatbed and then some more when I head back to the states.


Oh, and the car that’s getting a piggyback ride? You’ll all just have to wait til the next Teutonic Tuesday.

That’s all for now. Until next time. Cheers.

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