Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Truckin' Thursday: Squarebodies!

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My love for the Squarebody Chevy is well documented around these parts. This is less than half of them, and many of these came from you all, so thanks!


I actually have the funds now (barely!) for a 1:1 K5 Blazer. I even managed to find one in my budget that isn’t rusted to junk (only needs rockers), and even has a manual trans! Sadly my wife has put the brakes on blowing my entire wad on a 4th vehicle (not including her car), when we’re considering keeping her home and therefore potentially losing an income. I hate when she’s right!! Stupid logic and sense! Adulting sucks sometimes!!

I guess I better buy more diecast Squarebodies then, right?!?

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