We’re back with another review of one of my purchases from Fintail

This is Matchbox’s Breakdown Van, essentially a classic Chevy van with most of the van part cut off and replaced with a massive towing arm along with some off-road upgrade to make the van a more capable rescue vehicle. I’m not really sure something like this exists for real but I love the idea.

Just like all Matchbox from around this era, it came with special features of some kind to increase play value. This one has movable towing arm with a very ingenious design, the little triangle marked “24 HOURS” on the roof that look similar to a roof cone on semi-trucks is a button, push it and it lowers the entire arm so the tow hook can go underneath the car you want to tow. The arm raises back up once you release the button, although sometimes it needs a little help if the car is too heavy. This cast really surprised me, I didn’t care too much about it at first but once I took it out of the package and play with it, the more I love it.



There you have it, an unexpected favorite from my purchase. Expect this little van to show up more often in future posts where it’ll come in handy. Cheers.