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Truckin' Tuesday: Isuzu VWR340

Here’s something I know very little about: Trucks. And this one seems particularly obscure. The base reads “Isuzu VWR 340". Seems simple enough, but I can’t really find anything about it on the net.


I can tell you a bit more about the model. It was made sometime in the 1970s by Japanese toy make Eidai as part of the “Grip Zechin” range. The name always sounds strange to me - and not particularly Japanese. It seems to have been mainly used to Export markets. In Japan, some of these models were sold under the “Madmax” label.

The scale is 1/100 - same as the “Tomica Long” models of the same era. The side of the truck proudly reads “Express Service” - Tokyo - Sendai - Sapporo - Nagoya - Osaka - Fukuoka. Looks like he has a long way to go.


I would really like to know more about the 1:1 truck - so if we have any experts here, please enlighten me!

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