These constitute half of my recent acquisitions between 6th and 13th September, with my blue 934 and white SA22C to be featured on Thursday.

These are enough pickup trucks, for me: one for big hauling when the floods rise and hooligan-ing around deserts, and the other for grocery and home store runs (also, it’s a diesel).

As you can see, this Raptor is just a few inches away from tumbling down this mountain, but I’ll leave the outcome to your imagination. Spiffy casting, this Ford pickup, even if there’s no interior. The rims have my seal of approval, but the tires leave much to be desired. 7/10, will probably trade in for a newer F-150 Raptor casting from HW.


The VolksCaddy, meanwhile, was from just one Sunday ago, along with the blue 934 and white SA22C. Unlike the guy driving the Raptor, this guy isn’t as foolhardy as him and is smart enough to stay in the more manageable dirt road just next to the ravine. This pickup’s got more bed space than the big Ford, so it gets an extra point. 8/10.

They’re worth keeping, these, if only because I wouldn’t need more pickups, just to replace the Maisto with some proper HW metal. Unless I want a technical, in which case, gib Lamborghini LM002.