Trucks and trains isn’t what you normally see here, but hey, why not? This is Tomica’s latest “Long” truck - the Fuso Shinkansen Transporter.

The construction of this truck and trailer combo is unlike anything I’ve seen from Tomica so far - there is no actual trailer, but the train sits on two independently steerable trolleys and connects via a rather long hitch to the truck. Not the most elegant solution.

Once put together though, it looks alright and is quite fun to roll along the desk. Shinkansen trucks are nothing new for Tomica, though. They have been a issued in a variety of ways before. There were Shinkansen trucks in the old “Long” series:


And there even was a tiny “Regular” 3-inch version:

As you can see, the trains used to sit on separate, proper trailers. And the little trains all had their own wheels underneath and rolled by themselves. They were neat to play. So the modern iteration just shows more cost-cutting, which is a bit of a shame. But they are still a nice little toy, so long as you are not too worried about everything being correctly scaled.