Trying an Advent Calendar became an unsustainable enterprise

So here are the newest additions to my collection, all given as part of the birthday celebration I had a week ago. 21 cars, plus a 22nd from one of my old friends from high school (the Viper).

All told, they’re some of the best kit I got. At least, they’re some.


My cousin gifted me this, a 1:32 Ford GT, an exquisite model, but is sent back to support the cards. I really need to have a case for my cars, now.

The location problems that plagued my plans to shoot reared its ugly head again, see, and with the second semester of college starting there was little to no time to make posts. Still, when I’m free I get some reprieve to tell you about my plan.

It’s a complicated and dizzying decision-making process.

Honestly, I can’t really trade the big 1:32 cars because those actually have some monetary value (they retailed for Php250, which, combined with the fuel cost to be able to purchase it, at Php500, mean that the whole unit is probably worth Php800 if I sell them), but I can see how one might want to have some, and at the same time, some of the 1:64 that I want go for high triple-digit to 4-digit numbers. The little cars that flank them are easier deals — on Team Blue, I want the Fords to be replaced with the white Escort and the Treasure Hunt Fiesta, the other HW with some other form of boondoggle. As for the Tomica...I’m not sure, to be honest. I definitely want to trade them — the non-Toyotas are duplicates that I can do without, while both the Lexus and 86 aren’t really the ones I desired. But for which? I have a list of all the cars I’d like to trade with, but I’m not sure if my cars are worth it. There’s also the option of selling the Tomica so I can buy the Ferrari 4-pack (an impossibility).


Either way, this has been a great start to December, and with Christmas nearing, I reckon it is possible to get ahold of more cars. But I really need to build my studio first.

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