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TSM Models: 1:18 Porsche 924 GTR

Specifically the 1982 24hr of Le Mans GTO class winner. Teutonic Tuesday.

I practically stole this car from Replicarz a while back during a sale, and with work being the way it is, never got around to photographing or posting it here.


It’s a resin casting with no opening features, but a fairly impressive amount of detail and fit/finish to compensate.

The lights and grilles are especially impressive, with textures and depth that look about as good as I’ve seen short of a CMC.


The wheels and tires are unexceptional, but I think that’s hard to fault when they’re aerocovers and slicks. I guess I should note that the suspension is fixed, and there’s no steering.


Overall, it’s a very good model on the shelf.

(and apologies about the dust on the model, I didn’t notice until afterwards)

Bonus pics of the Minichamps 934 I bought before the 924 GTR.


Wow, it has been so long since I last posted to LaLD.

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