So here is another one of my more strange finds. It is a tuck tuck! It is the only one I have so there will only be one TTT (Tuck Tuck Tuesday) unless others have a Tuck Tuck they would like to share and show it on Tuesday and we start a thing.

I got this after Christmas one year during the after Christmas sales. It came in a diorama set with a bunch of buildings, cars, trucks, construction stuff, a bridge, and some other stuff. It was from the Sears outlet store in my city. All I know is that it was made in China, well that what it said on the other castings of the set this one had nothing on the bottom

Here is some info on Tuck Tucks:…

It has neat yellow and black paint for a made up UPS type service called International Post Service (IPS). The doors open barn door style to get all the mail in and out. The casting details are very neat and well done. I wish the "cockpit" was a bit better done, but I still think it is good for what it is. It can also tow a trailer because it has tow hook and the set did come with a trailer.

Here is the photo dump: