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Tuner Tuesday: Teutonic Edition

When you see a tuner-related post from me, you expect to see that one car that hails from the land of the rising sun, whose maker starts and ends with the letter ‘N’. You know, the car that simply goes by three magical letters and has the same nickname as a certain fictional creature-monster. Well, I have a different three-letter acronym - a pair of them, in fact - for you today, and this one shares a name with an animal that you actually have a chance of finding at your local pet store or zoo.


The RUF CTR by GT Spirit. AKA the Yellowbird.

I had this model all saved and ready to go for Car Week before realizing there wasn’t a Yellow Day.

Did SN210 really just skip yellow in favor of more mundane colors such as black, white, and silver?



Who likes silver anyways? Come on, man.

And since this one won’t qualify for Engine Week either, I may as well show you the goods right now.


This model released late last year and I was able to grab one off CK before they sold out. For the price, which was around $90, you get a pretty nice model that has actual grilles to go along with GT Spirit’s usual penchant for accuracy.


If you’re a hardcore RUF or Porsche guy, you may be interested to know that the yellow CTR2 just came out, so you can pair them up and have a potent duo to display on your shelf. But GT Spirit’s price hike is now in effect, which means you’ll need ~$130 for the newer stuff. They’re shooting themselves in the foot with this greedy move, and it’s up to us as consumers to speak up by not forking over our wallets so easily. Let their product sit until retailers are forced to clearance them, then scoop them up for the low.


Lastly, I know there’s someone here who also just got one of these, so I challenge him to another Twinning showdown!


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