Big things with little cars

Two things this morning...

First off, I decided to change my screen name from “Did I really just sign up for this?” to “NewEnglandDiecast”. Why? Well...the name just gives off a negative vibe to me so I felt it was time for change.

Ok, now on to the next item of business. I just watched Wheelerguy’s post on the HWs 2019 Sneak Peak and really the only thing I’ll be chasing is the ‘66 Super Nova & Retro Rig TT. I’m a big Chevy Nova fan of this era so this is cool news for me. I’m just hoping we’ll get a batch or two at the local Wally World or Target as I have yet to see the second set of the Team Transport...I’m really liking the ‘72 Cuda Retro Rig set!! Those dragster meats in the back with the GoodYear logo are the coolest thing.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the beautiful little Super Nova...


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