Un-Assembled Celica

A few years back, Kyosho released a series of vintage Japanese cars in their 1/64 scale Dydo series. Why did they chose to go un-assembled? No idea, but it affords an opportunity to do a little extra detailing then if you just pulled it out of a box.

This is how the series comes packaged. Small parts count, its basically a non assembled regular 1/64 diecast in a neat package. Some specs on the car are printed on the back of the package, some you can figure out, the rest do not make much sense to an English speaker/Reader, clearly these were not aimed at our market.


The parts count is simple, and I did not want to change it much as I like the yellow on these TA22 Celicas. I did take the opportunity to detail the interior with some simple painting. Gauges, steering wheel and door handles all picked out in appropriate colors.

Over all its a cool little model and about 5 mins of work was all it required, happy to ad this one to my shelf of vintage Japanese cars...


(sorry for the blurry pics at the end!)

I have a few others that I might get a little more adventurous with, maybe some interior color changes. I have a blue Datsun 510 sedan that I think would look good with a white/black interior.

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