I had originally hoped my first post would be of my childhood die cast collection, which I unearthed recently from the depths of a closet at my parents’ house. But as I have not yet gotten around to putting that together, and today was as serendipitous as I could hope it to be, my first post will be of this totally unexpected hawl.

My wife and I decided to check out this antiques and vintage shop after running an errand for her brother’s business. The shop is called The Country Rooster in Little River, SC. This place is somewhat unique in that in addition to selling antiques, they also sell items that have been re-purposed as well as local jams, jellies, slaw, and crafts; you get the picture.

The place has an upstairs loft that is more or less a catwalk going around the perimeter, so I can see the myriad of blue cards on pegboard as soon as we walk in. Behold...

At first I was pretty excited seeing multiple LaFerrari’s, and they were asking $2 for any car so I figured it seemed reasonable.


I never really cared for the LaFerrari, but it’s a nice cast so I figured why not. Then I saw this beauty...


I love everything the 86 represents, and the pseudo Initial D look was striking in the right ways. Then I spied this Toyota 2000GT...

The lines of this car are the perfect marriage of minimalist and elegance, and I recently saw one of these on an auction site going for seven figures. 1:1 scale, of course.


It is probably beginning to look like I am just a JDM fanboy, but this Skyline made my heart jump. I absolutely adore these cars, having a tiny one has me riding high today.


Last but not least, a really great 993 GT2. I actually prefer the 996 over the 993. Wait, what’s with the torches and pitch forks?

It’s a bit hard to tell on the photo, but the paint on this cast is actually a matte white, which I think adds to the overall race car character.

I passed up on a couple others I wanted, so I will likely make another voyage to this place in the next few weeks. Plus, their moonshine strawberry jam surprisingly tasty.