My local WM has been under renovation for almost 2 months now. Workers are slowwwwly converting the store to a new look. As a result, the untouched aisles are not getting stocked. Sadly, the toy section is affected by this. Diecast section has been trash for weeks. But, finally the aisle got some mercy and the non-mattel casts got some stock on the pegs. To my surprise, lots of JL casts! I scored the new Demo Derby Olds. Was not expecting that. Also found the AMC Hornet in plum. I’ll DLM both of these.

The store also got a huge 4 way HW shipper and it was loaded pretty good with stock (no supers though). I scored the Team Transport set that I wanted and it does not disappoint. Fantastic details on that. Best HAWL I have had at WM in a long time. Watch for that shipper my friends!