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Unofficial Ford/Mercury/Lincoln Week!

I’m steadily going through the different makes of my cars (last week I did Mopar), to see what I have. This week is Ford/Mercury/Lincoln week. :).

Also, a bit or worrying. There isn’t much in true scale Mercury or Lincoln. And for Ford it’s usually Mustangs castings. AW & GL, please change that! We all need more Ford in our lives!

Birds-eye view, as always.
Had to include the crown vic. Plus awesome pic.
Focus generations.
Modern cars.
The mustang has changed over the years.
Mmmm, mustang...
I love me some ‘71 mustang, :).
A GL Taurus SHO and a JL/Ertl F-150 SVT make a guest appearance as modern fun cars.
F-150's are awesome, :p.
JL tow truck, :).
Older land barges, I love them.
Ford Galaxie and my only Mercury, :/.
The fantastic grandparents cars, :D.
Vroom, vroom.

Which pic did you guys and gals like the most?

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