Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Update: Hoard sale of the century is on track

Some old loose Tomica for your time:

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Next Saturday is my intended date for the blowout sale, and it looks like the date should work. I’ve divided it all into lots, photographed everything, and cropped the pics. All I need to do is write the ad, and post it. That’s still a bit of work, but I can finish it by then.

I intend to publish it to my own kinja page, and share that on LaLD. I want to give the readers and contributors here first chance rather than put it on fb etc. I’ll aim for a posting around noon or so on Saturday - once it is on LaLD, the sale is officially open, and people can claim what they want. I fear there may be multiple people who want the same thing, or who want single cars out of lots - you can handle that yourselves :)


Hopefully there will be something for everyone - many items in the $5 range, and not much over $40 - the pricer things being a couple items from my collection, and a large lot. There will be very few individual cars for sale. Prices on most of it will be low enough where it could be resold again at a profit. I’ve also decided to sell a few duplicate Tomica from my personal hoard - prices won’t be quite as low, but will still be fair. There will also at least one free gift casting for all purchasers. It might be a clunker, but it will be free.

I’ll let people know now that I probably won’t be able to ship much if any until the Saturday after the initial sale post - I don’t have many boxes and much packing material, as I don’t know how how many multiple lot sales will take place. The week after the sale will give plenty of time to pay, and for me to package the material.


That is all.

*special note, the cars in the pic are not in the sale :)

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