I apologize for not posting the poll yet with the tshirt entries, but it’s been a crazy few days. I’ll try to have the poll up tomorrow. Voting will extend for a few days as well, or as needed. -Philip

Do you have a need for LaLD gear like tshirts, stickers, and more? Well, we got you covered! Just head on over to the LaLD Swag Shop and shop to your heart’s content!

We currently have only the classic LaLDsun Logo Shirt and LaLDsun Logo stickers available, but we will periodically be adding new items, a few of which are already in the works (country-specific LaLD stickers, anyone?).

This is the standard male model, not any of the LaLD mods. I promise.

In addition, to celebrate the opening of the LaLD Swag Shop (LaLDSS), we are running a tshirt design competition. Show off your LaLD spirit by designing the most LaLD shirt ever and if LaLDers agree, you can win your design on a shirt, plus of course a few cars to make it a super sweet prize pack. Post your entries on LaLD by March 10. We’ll hold a vote during the following week, with a winner to be announced on March 17.


Disclaimer: We chose to run the LaLDSS through Redbubble.com because it allows us to post items that you guys can order yourselves, saving the hassle of doing a group buy. We do not make any money off of any of the products.