I’m having a lot of fun with this Thing.

This picture was from this morning. I’ve opened up the wheel wells a little more. I’m pretty happy with the rounded rear, but the sides are getting kind of thin. After all the sanding.

The only way I’ll be getting rid of those door gaps is to fill them in. The roof holes needed filled in anyway. It looked a little silly with the roof on.


So, I’m going to let the bondo (J B Weld) dry.

Did anyone see potential in this ugly soccer car?


The fenders have a little silver overspray on them. Another coat of black should fix that. I really like that matte harvest orange.

Here it is next to cherry red & custom orange.


I watered down some black for the Things engine and bumpers. And since I stole the wheels off of this bad boy....

I felt like I owed it a paint job.

It looks like gold in the pic, but it’s copper.


I’m having a head/tail light dilemma with my Thing. I seem to have removed them all with the fenders. The head lights will be coming from this old Cadillac.

I guess the tail lights will be painted on. (not sure yet).