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Update on the Garage

I have four wall frames! Hurray! The last one was the front, which I had to measure and re-cut the middle section since I’m working hard to keep it at 6.5" wide. I also filled in the doorway with another piece to make it roughly the proper 1/64 scale size. :).


And now the outline of what it’s supposed to look like, :).

Two garages up front, and one on the side. The side door is a bit wider and and a tad taller then the front doors; it’s meant for extra large castings, :). The two front doors are meant for normal castings, and some above average ones (like lifted trucks). I thought this plan out quite a bit, :).


I can’t glue the frames together yet though. I have to use them as a frame of reference for the walls. It’ll be easier to attach the walls to the frames, then glue everything together.

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