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[UPDATED] More Summer Tomica listings are coming out...

Photo from Wikipedia

...and...and...and... I think I got them all this time. [UPDATES] below.

[UPDATE 08 March 2019, 08:55pm] 829 Japan, care of HotKustoms, has released unofficial box art of the summer releases for both Basic and Premium.


Of note is no. 78 in Basic, which is yet to be unveiled. Super Silhouette also shows up at probably its cheapest price point.


In the immediate future, Tomica has listed the new models coming for May: a Toyota coaster and the new Subaru Forester.

[UPDATE 01 March 2019, 03:01pm EST] By clicking on the Japanese-language hashtag for Tomica, I found the ultimate treasure: the entire summer/autumn release. It’s got almost everything: Ferraris, Fast and Furious, the freakin’ McLaren Senna, new Toyotas, a tank, and a 1:43 scale R34 V-Spec II Nur.


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