I went to Target on my lunch break just a few minutes ago. Boy did I get there at the right time! They were re-stocking the toy section, and the pallet was right at the end of the Hot Wheels aisle. Sitting there right on top, calling to me, were three fresh C cases waiting to be cracked open. I quickly found the nearest employee and asked if I could open the cases. He was happy to oblige and cracked open the first one. He pulls out the first few, and that was all I needed. Right there on top was the Porsche 993 GT2 $uper.

Pic frim the parking lot.

At long last! I stayed and helped him open the other two cases and put them on the pegs. We shared stories about collecting (he collected stamps and coins). No more $upers were found. But I did find three regular TH Dodge Charger SRT8s. I took one for myself and left the other two.

Man oh man, that was great luck! Better pics to come soon!

How we leave spare Treasure Hunts. Anyone else do this?