This is from the Racing Champions “Fire and Rescue” series fro the late 90's.

I collected as many of these as I could, and will post more as time permits. Todays is a 1959 Ford F-250 with four wheel drive, converted for the St. Charles Fire Department.

This side of the utility bed has 2 hard suction lines, and what looks to be some sort of exhaust vent fan.

The driver’s side has a short ladder, and you can see some of a pump panel in the bed, along with the coiled redline hose. There are also four either extinguishers or oxygen tanks in the bed. These are painted red, so I say extinguishers. I wish the taillight details were more than just a sticker, but it still looks good all the same.


Opening hood, shows off a mighty looking V8. Any clue as to what these would have had for a motor? Interior is pretty simple, there is a dash of sorts, with a simple steering wheel. And the bench seat is the same lime yellow as the utility bed. Overall, a pretty cool model. It doesn’t see much display time, so it is still in really good shape. Enjoy and thanks for looking!