As I was sorting through the Big Box o’ Corvettes from vdubyajohn, I encountered multiple examples of this MBX T-Top C3, which is a very nice casting. The top car in the absolutely mind-bending picture at the top of this post had a purple interior, which I am not going to let go to waste. So I disassembled that car. In doing so, i realized that the damage may or may not be more than paint-deep. It might come out with some judicious sanding, it might not. Fortunately, there was this car:

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that deco. Now I know you’re thinking, “CyborgAbeLincoln, how could you even think of stripping such a brilliant paint job?” Fortunately, the BBoC contained not one, not two, but three of these, so we’re good.

Anyway, into the stripper they go (content warning: stripping, naked car):

Meanwhile, there was another car that caught my eye, this nice ‘65 convertible:


Nice metalflake charcoal with red interior, but an obvious QC issue. Looks like there’s something in there that prevents the body from sitting flush on the base and also makes the one wheel go kinda wonky:

Yeah, those peg thingies on the side aren’t supposed to be left on the window part, I don’t think:


Twist ‘em off and we’re good to go. You will notice that they used two small chrome front/back pieces instead of chroming the whole base or interior.

Much better:


On a related note, does anyone have recommendations for cleaning up scratched/yellowed windows?