Got this gem in the mail recently thanks to fintail’s Sale of the Century.

I had to snap up the lot with the Corvettes. As it turns out, it included a complete set of 4 MBX Corvettes from 1993. The boxes say “Rally Vette” and there’s one each from each generation of Corvette at the time. I’m not really sure what differentiates them from non-rally Corvettes, but whatever.

This one, in my biased opinion, is the best. I love the Grand Sport, and the deco on this one is quite nice. Although it is not, to my knowledge, an actual race livery, it still takes design cues from some of the authentic liveries and works very well.


It’s a great casting too. The proportions are more accurate than the HW casting (this one is too wide for orange track!). Also has that nice sproingy suspension (maybe that’s what makes it rally) and a great wheel and tire choice.


Although the Grand Sport only saw limited use on the track because of GM killing the racing program, it still went through a couple different versions. The most obvious one is, of course, when they chopped the top off to make the roadster, but there were at least 3 different hood designs and a scoop for the differential cooler was added behind the back window at some point (the HW casting includes the scoop, but the MBX does not).

Fintail also set me up with a very nice selection of Ertl big rigs and heavy equipment, some of which has already hit the chop shop and will be featured when there’s something to show.