Every other month there is a vintage Flea Market near where I live. Die casts are usually pretty rare, but this time I found a vendor who had some, and scored the following:

All MBX, all 1980-90's era. Nissan 300ZX. Porsche Turbo (grail car) Daytona Turbo Z, Porsche 928, and Jaguar SS 100.


The Jag is the only one without an opening feature. Doors open on the Porsches, hoods on the 300ZX and the Daytona. Unfortunately I didn’t snap a shot with the opening bits opened. All in extremely good shape, few if any chips or playwear, except for the 928, which is a little worn and has cracked back glass.

$5.00/ea, which I was willing to pay since they are all in such great condition. The Jag is off to a friend who needs a desk car. The rest are for the collection.


I intend to see if the guy is there next time, he had doubles of a lot of cars, and I may snag a few more from him. Thanks for looking!