Nostalgic purchase. This is one of those toys I loved but never owned as a smaller kid. Finally after 35+ years I found one! Only trouble is I can hold it in my hand but can’t touch it...


So torn! I want to tear this blister off the card and let those little men get some fresh air.

I had a friend who had one of these and I loved playing with it. From memory it may have been his older brother that had it as I remember some kind of stress involved in the use of it. I distinctly remember the Missiles being extremely important as they are tiny and would shoot quite a long distance at considerable speed. Losing them was a common threat. The other awesome thing about this cast is the spring loaded firing mechanism. The barrel was of the correct ‘caliber’ to accept match sticks and fire bombardment became a reality for some poor unfortunate toys. Ah the 1970's, the last true time that kids were able to take risks and either enjoy or regret doing so.... The fun police was still just a volunteer group back then and had no real authority.


I will have to leave this carded and seek a good DLM’d version. If anyone has any leads please let me know.


Thanks for looking.