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Volks Swappen

Kind of proud of how this guy came out. HW VW Golf Then and Now. Started as this:


The steelies were okay, but I felt it needed better. I had bought a CARS (the movie) “Ramone” ‘59 chevy coupe, for the wheels specifically, and after drilling both, thought that the wheels from the movie car worked nicely on the Golf. I used the bead-on-the-end-of-the-axle-wire method, which you can see is kind of apparent, but I don’t think it looks horrible.

I trimmed the seats with acrylic paint, and tried to match the body color. It’s close-ish.


Front end detail. The paint on this guy isn’t too good. You can kind of see some problems at the edge if the hood, and the back is funky as well.


In the recesses on the gate, the paint is kind of collected in spots, like it was too thin when applied or something. Hard to tell from this shot, and in general, so no real loss.

Did this over two days, and I am really liking the result. I am going to finish up the panel lines.


What do you folks think?

Thanks for looking!

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