Needs no introduction. Matchbox (almost) nailed this.

Almost perfect! Thankfully the tire does not blow it off, like the Mini

I don’t have any major complains with this one. The only, only thing that could have changed is the base. If it was chrome, this little Bug would have been the best release for 2018 up to now, without a doubt.

That smiling face is hard to avoid !


MBX designers have a thing with some pretty good number plates

I had a discussion with my friend who brought these down here (we never have the privilege of finding these on pegs, have to rely on eBay or someone who brings extra) on the tow hook. Personally I prefer not to have it, but if there is a good trailer coming up (as my friend speculated), I won’t mind hooking that up! It will be a classic mini-road-trip!


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