I like the idea of having a classic+modern of the same automotive brand in one Speed Champions set. Well, I like Speed Champions in general. It’s my favorite Lego theme :D

Ferrari should probably get a two car set like this at some point. Who wouldn’t want to see a 250 LM or a 250 GTO in minifigure scale? In addition, I don’t know if they plan to introduce Japanese cars into the mix, but, a $30 set with an R32 and the newest R35 would be really awesome. I could go on, but, I won’t.


Now that I have the Bugatti and Fords, my next want is this:

You see that extra front end build? Yeah, that makes turning this into a road car much easier. The bottom sides will need modding, mainly the round plates, but, I dunno if I have anything to replace it with. Also, the big spoiler will need to be removed, as will the rear diffuser, but, that’s my plan. The AMG GT3 is an awesome car, but, I want to bring this back into a road car as much as possible. Won’t be perfect, but, it’s worth a try.

Also, Camaro, and, Chiron. Because why not :D. I modded the Camaro back into a stock one.


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