Big things with little cars

Already a huge success since the beginning, in ‘57, it was only in 1976 that the first biggest change in the Brazilian VW Kombi arrived: The upgrade to the T2 version.

However, our T2 wasn’t like its European or American cousins. Ours was unique. The front end was exactly like the European version: Same windshield and same front doors but...


... everything else to the rear was still the same as the T1. At this first iteration, it didn’t got the sliding door, and the body and windows were unchanged. The tail lighs, however, got a lot bigger (and easier to see than the minuscule T1's) and the engine grew from the measly 1200 cc to a whopping 1600 cc unit!

This bigger engine still had a single carburettor, though. In addition, it also got better brakes (for holding all those horses) and a new suspension system. Instead of the Beetle’s torsion bars the Kombi was now equipped with trailing arm suspension on the rear wheels. Such technology!


This model was so incredibly successful that it kept being produced with minor cosmetic modifications until 2005, when fuel and noise regulations forced VW to transplant a 1.4l flexifuel VW Fox engine to it. Being a watercooled unit, it get a ungainly radiator on the front.


On the plus side, it got faster, more balanced due to the engine’s position, and more frugal on fuel.


That’s it! I hope you liked and stay tuned for the next episode!

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