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VW Bus Bonanza Bonus - VW Kombi Safari

Not a diecast model this time, I was just thinking how bad I want a model of the VW Kombi Safari. It was a coachbuild little motorhome made by Karmann! So this will be more an Oppo post, with photos of the 1:1 stuff and some story.

First of all. HOW COOL IS THAT???? Look at the foldable canvas roof at the side, the completely claustrophobic “bedroom” over the cabin, how wide it is in comparison with the front. Plus, spare on the front, because space. And, honestly, it was probably a better bumper than the actual Kombi bumper, i.e., your face.


We call them Kombi Safaris, because they’re based on VW Kombis, but they’re actually Karmann Mobil SAFARI. According to some research I did, they were made here, in Germany and in South Africa, and exported to numerous countries.

According to the sales brochures, it could accommodate 4 to 6 people (!!!). It’s surely a lot of human warmth... I guess it’s better to just travel as a couple, lol


Despite being ultra-cramped, it had everything. A “bedroom”, a “kitchen”, a “living room” and a “bathroom”. Notice the quotes on everything... They were very expensive at their time, and they still cost a lot of money. But they’re just so cool. I loved them as a kid and I love them even more as an adult with a drivers license.


I never saw a diecast model of it... Closest thing I’ve found was this papercraft model, but with my skill level it’s completely out of question.


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