Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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VW Ratrod Metamorphosis

With apologies to Kafka...
This image was sent to me by one of the members of a yahoo VW toy collecting group, of which I am one of the moderators.
Custom Volkswagen Beetle (Ratrod) with a roof rack instead of a sunroof opening.
At first I thought it was someone’s custom job, put back in the 5 pack, but the plastic insert has a space for the roof rack.

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I did a search on the bay, but couldn’t find a VW 5 Pack listed that had this roof. I did, however, find some images that show the recess in the plastic insert. I checked my own 5 pack and it has it too so it has probably been planned from the start.

If it’s real, and it would appear so, this seems to be further transmutation of the casting. First, it lost the opening engine lid. Now the roof opening. I hope they don’t totally destroy it like the MBX VW 4x4!
If it’s a custom, I say, good job matching the paint, and good idea for the rack!
Another reason for us VW collectors to take a new look at the VW 5 Packs. If anyone ses one with the roof rack, please post it here in the comments, or in a new post, whatever you like.

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