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Wagon Wednesday - A Very Woodie Edition

With my collection once again at my weekend getaway, here comes a simple picture show of a Woodie Wagon collection dominated by the year 1940.

The first cast up for display is the ‘40's Woodie, a very popular cast in Hot Wheels folklore. This is one of them in pre-DLM mode.
Here it is post-DLM. This one is from the 1993 HW series, #4316, collector #217.
This is what the previous example looks like when it’s largely played with since 1993!
Here’s the 2005 HW Pin Hedz version, #G6819, collector #92.
Now in 2008 HW Team Surf’s Up guise, #M6900, collector #118. The detachable roof mount was what sold me on this IIRC.
One of my favs because #BlackwallsRevisted, here’s the 2011 HW Hot Ones release, #W1546.
Switching gears away from the 1940 HW, here’s a ‘37 as part of the 2011 HW Cars Of The Decades series #2, #V4420.
Exiting the Hot Wheels stable and visiting Racing Champions, we see another ‘40 Woodie, part of a set that I partially had to assemble, #2180SS. 
Last but not least (at least in spirit, if not quality), is Maisto’s version, a ‘32 I believe. It’s such a shame that these have taken a downturn in quality over the last 15-20 years. They used to be almost as good as Matchbox castings, even if they were largely (but not always) copies thereof.

Thanks for reading!

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