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Wagon Wednesday! autoWORLD Sixties Wagons

In support of Wagon Wednesday, here are a couple of autoWORLD beefy American wagons from the sizzling sixties!

- 1969 Chevrolet Impala Kingswood Estate Wagon

Here's the Kingswood Estate of the same family as monday's '69 Impala SS convertible by JL. Here we find it all dressed up with headlight covers, fancy hubcaps, wood paneling, and roof rack, ready for a cross country road trip. Definitely love the everyday normalness of this car, yet it's still old enough and rare enoguh that you don't see these on the road anymore let alone in diecast.


- 1964 Ford Country Squire Wagon

Our next car is based upon the full size Galaxie, and is Ford's version of the full size woodie wagon! This model also has all the accoutrements of a top line highway cruiser, and I like the intricate detail, most noticable on the a-pillar window-lets. Both of these cars feature full vintage license plates which adds a genuine feel to the cars.

See your vintage cars tomorrow on Throwback Thursday!

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