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Wagon Wednesday: Camping behind the Iron Curtain

So what if you were unlucky enough to live in East Germany, only have access to a Trabant, but still wanted to go camping? Having a Trabant Universal (the “wagon” version) would have helped. And better still, you needed a Caravan custom made to be pulled by a Trabant. And that’s exactly what the “Werfelinger Heimstolz” was.


It even came in different sizes, the one hooked up to the P70 in the foreground looks to be the smallest version. I’m 6’5” tall (or 1.96m) - and I don’t even want to imagine a rainy day on the campground. Yes, I have claustrophobia too.

Still - these things were highly desired, hard to get - and a bit of a status symbol. So what if you couldn’t even get one of these and still wanted to go camping?

There was always this solution - and no, I really don’t want to know what that would have been like...


The models are yet again by Grell - the Number 1 purveyors of Communist dream cars.

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