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Wagon Wednesday: D-Pillars on Volvos!

I made the mistake of stepping into a Target again on Saturday. My V50 was clinically low on oil (it’s been leaking, again) and I had removed the left headlight unit to change the bulb so I took my dad’s V70 for a parts run and stopped by Target on my way to Autozone.


I had parked next to a new XC90 on the way in and found yet another MBX V60 while there (my third now!) and while heading back to the silver bullet the photo op was just too perfect to pass up!

Anyways, I think it’s high time for me to stop buying these, at least until the recolor comes out—it’s so exciting having Volvo back at Matchbox though!


That’s enough turbocharged action for today! On a side note, I love how these three cars perfectly illustrate Volvo’s recent past from the early Ford years (V70), the Ford-Geely transition (V60) and now the first Geely car (XC90)! Thanks for looking, and good luck with the rest of your week!

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