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Wagon Wednesday: KK Scale VW Passat Variant

This is the Volkswagan Passat wagon by KK Scale. It is a sealed model, but it is diecast and not resin. Like a diecast model, it has functional steering and suspension, and the window glazing is a thick plastic that you don’t need to worry about when handling the model. But like a sealed model, the interior is leaves a bit to be desired. The dash and seats are nicely molded, but there’s no carpet, and the cargo area detailing doesn’t extend to the tailgate. Even worse, the rear mounting posts for the base are readily apparent through the windows. It’s not a deal breaker, especially for the $55 or so that I paid for it. Plus, I owned 2 B3 Passat sedans, so there’s not much that will make me not love this model.


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